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Ms. Freeh, I'm Sorry!
    Lately I have been a little grumpy, I admit it, but the fact that I didn't get the part isn't the entire reason. Every thing lately has been going wrong, I have repeatedly forgotten schoolwork, and I have almost no free time.
    First of all, about the part. I don't think I would be a fraction as upset if I ended up with a bigger part, maybe with at least 15 lines in the play. Yes, I know it was my fault that I signed up for the part of Alibi Crabtree, but SOMEONE who shall remain anonymous told me Alibi Had a really big part in one scene. Also, on Friday when you said that Ren was not as upset, you were unfairly making a connection. First of all, I know for a fact that Ren did not expect to get the part, since he has had a major part in every play since fourth grade, and he did end up with a medium to large part, as Gomez and the Master of Ceremonies. Glad I cleared that up, whew!
    Now, the other stuff. First of all, I am sorry I have been forgetting work and I have stayed in for recess every time I did. I've ended up developing, in this organizational fit I've been going through, ten places I could put my stuff. Such was the case with my vocab. I put it in my binder, then I develop another place for it to go, and I expect to find it there. Please, forgive me.
    Also at home I am very pressured. I spend, at tops 15 minutes some days doing stuff that I want to do. I have at least 3 assignments do to every night for American school, my mom forces me to slave away at Ukrainian homework, and I have countless other tasks that my mother submits to me every day.
    The last factor in my grumpiness is my feelings towards you. I really like you, and I have been waiting for this year since I was in preschool. But for some reason I feel like you don't really like me very much, or at least you don't want to show it. The scenario that really bugs me happened a while back. I was in the midst of a huge renovation of my home page at home, and I wanted to show it to you. The next day I asked if I could show you it, and you agreed. I took you to my web pages, and you sat down at the computer. At first I thought that you might be impressed, but when I looked over at your face... It had that slight grimace/frown that you sometimes use to teach math. That frown/grimace destroys every beam of happiness in my and it makes me feel horrible inside. It's like your happy and good side is washed away, leaving a stone cold cadaver. That grimace was extra effective that day and it made me feel like some one had ripped out my tummy and watched me writhe in pain. In basic terms, I felt like I was a zero.
    Thank you for your time. I'm sorry if at all I upset you with this letter/web page. It is nothing but the truth. I would have told you in school, but it's sorta private. Please, forgive me for any bad behavior.
    If you have anything to tell me, please write to my E-Mail, I wouldn't want any of the other pupils to know about this.
Midju (E-Mail)