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Basic Information

Location: Mexico, 19° N, 98.6° W
Volcano Type: Strato volcano
Height: 17,883 ft

    Popocatepetl, Popo for short, is an active strato volcano some 45 miles outside of Mexico City, the second most populated city in the world. The name means, in Aztec, "smoking mountain", which hints that the volcano has been active sine Aztec times. The volcano is 17,883 ft tall, and built on a extinct volcano, called Nexpayantla, that makes up the first 12,464 ft of it. The volcano is an almost perfect cone, and is covered in alternating layers of lava flows and thick pyroclastics. At Popo's peak there is an oval crater, which is 2,007 by 1,312 ft across, with almost vertical walls. A small spatter cone rises at the center of the crater some 115 ft.  Since the Spanish conquest of Mexico Popo has erupted at least 36. Popo has been continuosly erupting since 1995.

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Eruption - January 2, 1998

   Popo erupted for the second  time in a period of two weeks, sending ash 2 miles up. The hot ash rained down on the outskirts of  Mexico city, 45 miles to the northwest. The volcano erupted for a full 90 seconds, with a big boom, and a small earthquake that reattled the doors and windows of Mexico City.

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Eruption - December 24, 1997
    A black column of ash and lava bombs was thrown 4 miles high on Christmas eve, and was visible from Mexico city. Ash briefly fell on neighboring villages during the eruption. Also from Mexico City a pool of lava was seen belched up by the volcano into it's crater.
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