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    Volcanologists are people that study volcanoes. They have to get a college degree and a bachelors degree in geology to fully become a volcanologist. After that, they have many choices. They could become field researchers and study volcanoes in person, a lab researcher that does test, or a lab assistant. There are several jobs he or she could work in, such as the USGS, or another national geographical survey, or you could become a field researcher working off grants.
    Katia and Maurice Krafft was a very famous volcanologist couple. The two were married and both were amazed with volcanoes. They studied volcanoes for more than 10 years, and discovered a lot about them. Unfortunately, they died about two years ago during a volcanic eruption in Japan. Volcano chasing may be fun, but it is also very, very dangerous.

Amazing facts

-There are over 300 active volcanoes, but only about 50 erupt every year.
-The largest volcanic eruption, of Nova Erupta, in Alaska, spewed out over 4,000 cubic miles of lava.
-Thick lava that comes out of volcanoes sometimes form thick "spines" that look like horns sticking out of a mountain.
-The most eruptive volcanic eruption blew 43,000x the force of an atomic bomb.
-Volcanoes can blow entire islands away, one day Krakatoa was a thriving island, the new\xt day, it wasn't there.

Famous Strato volcanoes

Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980 and during the eruption more than 200 feet were blown off  the mountain.
Popocatapetl is in Mexico, erupts every now and then, and covers Mexico city with ash.
Mt. Etna is a volcano on the island of Sicily in Italy, and erupts every now and then, last erupted in late 1997.
Yellowstone is actually a caldera that is ontop of a hotspot in the middle of North America.

Famous Shield Volcanoes

Mauna Loa is a shield volcano on the island of Hawaii that is the largest active volcano. It is, from the ocean floor up, taller than Mount everest, and much, much wider.
Kilauea is the most active volcano in the world, and is created by the same hotspot that is under Mauna Loa.