Famous Volcanoes 
Volcano Name Location Facts 
Crater Lake  Oregon Last erupted 6,600 years ago with 43,000x the force of an atomic bomb 
Mt. St. Helens Washington Earthquake in 1980 triggered the largest landslide in American history
Mt. Rainier Washington Prehistoric lava flow flowed for 70 miles
Cotopaxi Mexico 1877 mud flow flowed 150 miles
Krakatoa Indonesia In 1883 eruption 36,000 died; 24 sq. mi blown to bits; eruption heard 3,000 miles away
Lassen Peak California Last eruption (1918) in the Cascade range before Mt. St. Helens
Mauna Loa Hawaii Largest volcano from sea floor up; 60 miles across at the base
Mt. Etna Sicily Constantly active; still creates craters regularly
Mt. Vesuvius Italy Buried Pompeii, a roman town, in 79 B.C. during Plinian eruption
Mt. Mayon Philippines Considered the most perfectly shaped stratro volcano
Merapi Indonesia Most active volcano in Indonesia; has had the most nuees ardentes than all other volcanoes
Thira (Santorini) Greece Volcanic island that has a volcanic-caldera bay, ancient eruption destroyed Minoan civilization on Crete by ash falls and tsunamis

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