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Merapi, Java, Indonesia

Basic Information

Location: Indonesia, island of Java, 7.54° S, 110.44° E
Volcano Type: Strato volcano
Height: 9,548 ft

   Merapi is one of the 130 strato volcanoes in Indonesia and the most active. It is located in the central portion of the Indonesian island of Java, and is 9,548 ft, or 1.7 miles, tall. This volcano has created more nuee ardentes(glowing clouds) than any other volcano on Earth, so it is very dangerous. There have been 68 recorded eruptions of Merapi since 1548, and is a threat to the city of Yogyakarta 50 miles to the south, a city of 500,000 inhabitants.
    The current activity at Merapi has been going on continuosly since 1987, with no large periods of dormancy.

Volcano World

January 9, 1997
Lava was sighted at the top crater of this volcano. Experts warn of a larger volcanic eruption to ensue.
Volcano World

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