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Axial Seamount 
Basic Information
Location: 45.55° N, 130° W
Type of Volcano: Seamount
Height: 500 feet above sea floor

    Axial Seamount is an underwater volcano in the Juan de Fuca ridge. It is 300 miles west of Cannon Beach, Oregon. Axial Seamount is a very active seamount. In it's past eruptions it has created a long rectangular caldera at it's summit.
    The Juan de Fuca plate is a smaller plate located in the area of the  United States' Pacific Northwest. The plate is colliding with the North American plate, but pulling away from the Pacific plate. At this spreading center, or ridge, some 300 miles off the coast of Washington State and Oregon, there are several volcanoes.

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Eruption - January 25-28, 1998
    There was intense seismic activity at this seamount starting on January 25, through January 28. The seismic activity had many several smaller with one main shock. The activity on the 25 and 28 makes some volcanologists believe that an eruption would likely occur there soon. A relatively large earthquake of  4.9 on the Richter scale was recorded on the 28, and volcanologist are realizing that the earthquakes epicenters are gradually moving south. 

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