Volcano Pics

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A cinder cone in Little Lakes, California A view of Kilauea caldera, Hawaii Life returning to the lava in Hawaii
Mauna Loa is a shield volcano on the island of Hawaii St. Augustine, a strato volcano in Alaska A Tephra Eruption
An Eruption at Mauna Loa, Hawaii Wizard Island, in Crater Lake, is in Oregon El Misti, an extinct strato volcano in the Cordillera Occidental, Southern Peru
A view of Kilauea Caldera, Hawaii Another view of Kilauea Caldera A black sand beach, made of tiny lava chunks
The 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens, Washington state
Mt. Fuji, a dormant strato volcano in Japan Koryakskaya 
Volcano, a volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula 
Licancabur Volcano, a strato volcano in the Atacama desert, in Chile Mt. Erebus,  an active volcano, on Antarctica Mt. Rainier, a strato volcano in the Cascade Range, Washington state
Mt. Shasta, the southernmost volcano in the Cascade range, is in California Mt. Taranaki, also called Mt. Egmont, is an extinct volcano on the northern tip of New Zealand Molten Pahoehoe lava
Pahoehoe lava in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Santa Ana Volcano, a volcano in El Salvador, is also the highest peak in that country A volcanic eruption in Kilauea, Hawaii
A lava flow at night during a volcanic eruption at Mt. Etna, Sicily A shuttle view of Mt. Etna, Sicily during an eruption  A satellite picture of Merapi, Indonesia
Merapi is the most active volcano in Indonesia and is located in central Java
Molten lava pouring out of the crater of Merapi  
Mt. Etna on the Italian island of Sicily
An aerial view of Mt. Etna The 1943- 1952 eruption of Paricutin volcano is Mexico inundated this church in lava  
Pahoehoe lava in Hawaii with extinct shield volcano Mauna Kea in the background 
A 1993 ashy eruption of Mt. Mayon on the Phillipino island of Luzon
Devils Tower National Monument is the core of an extinct plug volcano that eroded away, leaving just the core
The volcanic landscape of the Galapagos islands in the Pacific
A model of Axial Seamount, a seamount off the coast of Oregon  Another model of Axial Seamount. The long finger type dent in the middle is a rectangular caldera.  
A view of Karymsky, the most active volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula
A view of Karymsky's deep crater An eruption of Sakura-Jima An aerial view of Sakura-Jima
The 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens An island forms off the Japanese Island of Iwo Jima  
San Cristobal, in the Los Marrabios range of Nicaragua
Pico de Teide is a dormant volcano on the Spanish Island of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands  A cinder cone in the crater of Mauna Loa   
Mt. Egmont, in New Zealand rises in the Taranaki region of the North Island 
The Mexican volcanoes Popocatepetl, left, and Ixtaccihuatl, right, loom over corn fields  
The Mexican Strato volcano Popocatepetl towers over a factory 
Taal, a crater lake, with active volcanic island, Volcano Island, which has yet another crater lake inside it
Venusian volcano Gula Mons in the background, and Venusian impact crater Cunitz in the foreground
Capulin volcano, a dormant volcano in Northeast New Mexico, is a perfect example of a Cinder Cone  
Another view of Capulin volcano 

vent of Medicine Lakes volcano in Lava Beds Nat. Mon., California
A lava tube at Lava Beds Nat. Mon., California  
Crater Lake, Oregon used to be huge volcano Mt. Masazi
A view of Crater Lake. The island in the center is Wizard Is. A cinder cone in Lassen Volcanic National Monument Lassen Peak is probably the world's largest plug volcano
Mt. Rainier, in Washington state Another view of Mt. Rainier Yet another view of Mt. Rainier
The 1917 eruption of Lassen Peak, California A view of Capulin Volcano cinder cone Another view of Capulin volcano cinder cone
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