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Soufriere Hills 
Basic Information
Location: Montserrat, 16.7° N, 62.2° W
Volcano Type: Strato volcano
Height: 3,002 feet

    Soufriere Hills is an active strato volcano that is on the Caribbean island of Montserrat. Montserrat used to be known as the "Emerald Isle of the Caribbean" until it's resident volcano of Soufriere Hills started to erupt in July 1995. The current eruptions of Soufriere hills are the first in historic times, and most had even thought that the volcano was extinct, which it deffinitely wasn't.
    Montserrat is a tiny tear drop shaped island in the Eastern Caribbean sea, only about 8 miles long, and a territory of Great Britain. Since the eruptions began the residents of Montserrat have been urged to evacuate the island, which only about half of  the residents have done. The capitol of Plymouth has been completely covered in ash and lava, and only the northern region of the island is inhabitable.
    The volcano has created many pyroclastic flows, lava domes, and even several lava flows that have created new beaches on the island's southern half.

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Eruption- December 26, 1997
    The lava dome of Soufriere Hills volcano collapsed violently, creating a pyroclastic cloud that traveled down White River, over the villages of  Morris, Reids, St. Patricks, Fairfield, and Trials. Two explosions ensued after the dome collapse, sending ash as high as 36,000 ft.
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