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Sakura - Jima, Kyushu, Japan 
Basic Information
Location: Japan, Island of Kyushu, 31.58° N, 130.67° E
Volcano Type: Strato volcano
Height: 3,663 feet

    Sakura-Jima is one of th most active volcanoes on Earth, erupting about 100-200 times a year. The Strato volcano is located on the Japanese island of Kyushu, and the constant ash fall contends with the many people on that island. Since it's first historical eruption in 708 A.D., the volcano has been constantly active. Most eruptions are strombolian.  Most eruptions have not been fatal, but eruptions in 1471, 1476, 1779 and 1781 proved to be fatal. Tsunamis, pyroclastic flows, earthquakes, lava and tephra.
    The current eruptions have been going on since 1955.

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Eruption - January 24, 1998
    An ash plume of 3,000 ft was erupted from Sakura-Jima. The ash is moving southeast, and at last report the ash had spread some 6 miles.
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